April Fools’ Day truly is one of the most amusing days of the year. This year to enjoy a little joke of your own, consider sending someone a funny free e-card which contains a little joke or prank of your own. E-cards truly are one of the most convenient means at paying back people that caught you out last year.

In many ancient societies of the Northern Hemisphere, the start of the New Year was commemorated on or around the Vernal Equinox, the day on which the Sun’s plane intersects with the Equator, making the duration of night and day completely equal on all areas of the Earth.

The Vernal Equinox normally falls on March 21st or 22nd. A few cultures hosted celebrations in February, some as late as May, but the extended timing of the celebrations perfectly captured all the revival and excitement of springtime, and the rejuvenation of energy associated with the coming of a new year.

April Fools DayThroughout France, the annual New Year commemoration took place in late March, with the festivities lasting until the 1st of April. When the adoption of the Gregorian calendar swept the Christian community starting in 1562, and was perhaps too ceremoniously advocated by France’s King Charles IX, many people who either preferred the springtime festivity to its substitute or were actually oblivious of the calendar transition, continued to observe the traditional, seasonal new year.

These reactionaries were made the fools of juvenile pranks played by their more obliging compatriots; thus the name April Fools’ Day.

In France, the term for April Fools’ Day is Poisson d’Avril, which in turn suggests April fish, because once the customary joke is delivered or the prank has been discovered, the fooled is called “Poisson d’Avril.” April Fools’ Day takes place during the zodiacal sign Pisces, the sign of which is fish.

Hence, the French term for the befooled. In England and Scotland, the recipients of practical jokes were in a similar fashion referred to as “April gowks,” a term of taunting for the cuckoo, a bird regularly found in both temperate and tropical climate zones.

The intention of an ordinary April Fools’ prank is to persuade another person that something false is really true. Thus prankish practical jokes like distributing invites to fake parties, sending people on fool’s errands, turning clocks behind or ahead of time, sabotaging the restroom seat with food stuff, and countless others are not only commonplace, but can be a terrific way of sharing a few laughs.

While executing pranks within the framework of April Fools’ Day is appropriate, they should be ultimately harmless in nature. There is a big distinction between playing a joke on a friend and being malicious. So presuming your trickster plans are friendly, have lots of fun on April Fools’ Day!

American author Mark Twain on April Fools’ Day: “The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.”

So to either ruin or make someone’s April Fools’ Day, try sending them a free e-card and provide yourself a little something to make you chuckle.