Critter control isn’t really a straightforward job. There are numerous different kinds of wild animals, all with different habits that have to be trapped or destroyed. It’s always best to hire a specialist to assist you get rid of wild creatures as they may be unpredictable and could attack and injure or hurt you. It is also unlawful to attempt capturing and releasing many animals. Here are some popular pests that critter control companies handle every day and their typical behaviors.

Young raccoon in the wilderness on a sunny day.


While charming from a distance, raccoons are extremely dangerous, carry disease, and will definitely attack humans and pets to defend themselves. They’re also extraordinarily clever, opening jars, bags, and trashcan tops for them to steal a bite to eat. If you have children, it is very important to inform them not to move toward or disturb these creatures if observed. They oftentimes nest and breed in dark, quiet places like attics or basements, and it may be a long time before you discover they have broken in.

These services often target raccoons through use of bait and humane traps. They additionally seal off entries to keep them out once and for all. Once caught, the specialists will release unharmed raccoons back inside designated wildlife areas. Although you may be capable to shoo away unwanted raccoons from your trash barrel, it is very important not to attempt trapping and extraction yourself as it is dangerous and commonly illegal.


Probably the very least welcomed pest ever to go into a home or yard, the skunk discharges a powerful, raunchy smell when scared, stressed, or put at risk. Household pets, particularly dogs, are prone to being sprayed, and removing the smell is considerably unpleasant and time-consuming. The scent from skunk spray can certainly last a very long time and even if outdoors may be detectable in your home. Like most other animals of its proportions, they can also bite and scratch if cornered.

Wildlife management professionals handle skunks in the very same way they do raccoons: catch and release. Skunks tend to stay outside and seldom wander into homes, but more commonly live under homes, decks, or in gardens.

Moles and Groundhogs

Although they live outdoors and are ordinarily non-threatening as they are timid and prefer to run than brawl, moles and groundhogs, however, destroy gardens. They dig tunnels, destroying flowerbeds and grass. A number of these companies will attempt catching and releasing these particular critters, but some others may use poison. If humane treatment of pests is very important to you, research critter control services ahead of time in order to choose one with an animal-friendly policy. Moles and groundhogs are a bit trickier than other pests to trap, so you may need to seek out a specialist.

Critter control companies can also supply you with tips that can help keep your home pest-free. Check outdoor entrances like grates and vents to ensure they are tightly sealed. Repair broken windows and cracks quickly before animals use them as portals. Keep garbage cans closed tightly and weighted on top if necessary. Household pet food should also be put away carefully as the scent can attract hungry animals.

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